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What is the present situation of surgical gowns?

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The surgical gown has played a vital role in the medical world today, and its surface is on the rise. So what are the specific uses and status of the surgical gowns? Don’t worry, let’s look at the following and you will understand distantly.

  • What is the present situation of the surgical gowns?

What is the present situation of the surgical gowns?

The surgical gowns are divided into 3 levels currently. They are:

① Level 2: Large volume liquid exposure, low radiation, and sputtering risk, low pressure on the operating garment such as hernia repair, tonsillectomy, angiography, and other similar operations or procedures. The operating garment of this grade must undergo two tests: the anti-immersion and water-proofing test and the hydrostatic pressure test.

② Level 3: Surgical gowns are used for medium liquid exposure, risk of radiation and sputtering, and pressure on operating gowns is high, such as shoulder arthroscopy,  mastectomy, and other similar operations and operations. This grade of the surgical garment has higher target requirements for seepage and static voltage experiments.

③ Level 4: It is used for a small amount of liquid exposure, high risk of radiation and sputtering, and high pressure on the operating garment, such as hip replacement, cesarean section, cardiovascular surgery, and all surgeries and operations that physicians are skilled in entering the patients’ body. This level requires a blood immersion test after surgery.

Level4 High Function Protective surgical gowns are waterproof. Anti-fouling. Anti-soaking. Anti-alcohol. Antistatic five prevention function, eradicate the patients’ blood, body fluids permeate the operating garment and infect the surgeon, nurse; Good air permeability, comfortable and bulky. No deflocculation occurs, increasing the incidence of wound infection in the operating room, and increasing the maintenance cost of ventilation equipment in the operating room. The blocking rate of rare hospital pathogenic bacteria can reach 100%, and it has the function of inhibiting bacteria. There is an urgent need at home and abroad for surgical clothing to fit the clean level of clean surgery, and to stop the hierarchical management of different clean levels of surgery. The key to ensuring the air quality in clean operating rooms is to implement all-around integrated and strict management. Level4 High Function Protective surgical gowns can effectively control infection and provide a reliable guarantee for safe operation.

Blood-borne infections formed in the course of operation are becoming more and more serious to medical staff, which also belongs to the professional performance of doctors. The National Health and Family Planning Commission has long been concerned about this problem and has been working hard to deal with it. It has formulated the application standard of surgical gowns. Level4 high-function protective operating gowns will be the standard configuration commodity of every medical institution.

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