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What are the standards for disposable coveralls?

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Disposable coveralls, as a necessary protective clothing for medical staff, can prevent medical staff from being infected by the blood and body fluid secretions of infectious patients at work, provide a safety barrier for medical staff, and protect medical staff from germs. Therefore, the manufacture of disposable coveralls has strict production requirements, and the manufactured disposable coveralls must strictly meet the standards. Let's take a closer look at the standards for disposable coveralls, right?

Here is the content list:

  • Appearance requirements of disposable coveralls

  • Protective performance of disposable coveralls

Appearance requirements of disposable coveralls

Disposable coveralls are required to be dry, clean and free of mildew stains, and no defects such as adhesions, cracks, holes, etc. on the surface. For this reason, the connecting parts of disposable coveralls can be processed by stitch bonding or heat sealing. The needle holes of the stitches should be sealed, and the stitches should be uniform and straight, and there should be no skipped stitches. At the same time, the processed parts such as bonding or heat sealing should be flat, sealed, and free of air bubbles. The zipper of the protective clothing with zipper should not be exposed, and the slider should be self-locking. These appearance regulations are to ensure the safety and reliability of disposable coveralls and prevent small defects from threatening the lives of medical staff.

Protective performance of disposable coveralls

The surface moisture resistance, breaking strength, breaking elongation, filtration efficiency, flame retardancy, and antistatic properties of disposable coveralls should meet the requirements of the production standard of disposable coveralls, so that disposable coveralls have the following characteristics: durable, tear-resistant Cracking and abrasion, comfortable to wear, soft, light, breathable, lint-free, anti-pollution, anti-static, while permeable to air and water vapor, it can also repel water-based liquids and aerosols. And the material of disposable coveralls should have no skin irritation. Moreover, disposable coveralls must have strict microbiological indicators, and there should be an icon of sterilization or aseptic on the label of the package. Only after the above protective properties are satisfied, disposable coveralls can effectively block viruses, bacteria and microorganisms, thereby preventing medical staff from being infected by pathogens at work.

Disposable coveralls are the work clothes of medical staff, which can isolate germs and harmful dust. Protective clothing needs to have good air permeability and anti-permeability at the same time. disposable coveralls of good quality can bring a more comfortable working experience to hospital staff. Therefore, when choosing disposable coverall, it is necessary to take into account the protection and comfort of disposable coveralls. Rhycom company specializes in the design, production, manufacture and sales of disposable coveralls. The disposable coveralls produced by Rhycom are exquisite in material selection and excellent in production technology. They not only have excellent protection functions, protect medical staff from pathogens, but are also comfortable and breathable. It fits the body and can make medical staff feel comfortable during work. Therefore, if you want to buy suitable disposable coveralls, this company is a trustworthy ideal choice.

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