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Why do I need to wear isolation gowns?

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Isolation gowns are one of the most common protective products, which play a very important role in medical, beauty and other fields. So, why wear isolation gowns? Let's discuss the reasons and importance of wearing isolation gowns.

Here is the content list:

  • The importance of isolation

  • The role of isolation gown

  • Applicability of isolation gowns

The importance of isolation

Nosocomial infection is an important factor that directly affects the quality of medical care and patient safety. The use of isolation technology is the main measure to control the source of infection, cut off the route of transmission, and protect susceptible people. Therefore, hospital isolation technology is one of the important tasks to prevent and control the occurrence of nosocomial infections. . Isolation refers to separating the source of infection (mainly patients and pathogen carriers) from healthy people to avoid contact. The purpose of isolation has three points: one is to prevent pathogen carriers from contacting others, leading to the spread of the pathogen; the other is to facilitate centralized disinfection of the utensils and secretions of pathogen carriers; and the third is to prevent pathogen carriers from contacting each other. cross infection. Therefore, in the medical field, isolation gowns play a very important role.

The role of isolation gown

Isolation gowns are protective equipment used to protect exposed body areas of medical staff. When the body may be contaminated by the blood, body fluids, secretions, etc. of pathogen carriers, you should wear isolation gowns to prevent transmission. The degree of protection of the isolation gown against blood and body fluids depends on the type of material that constitutes it, especially its permeability, abrasion resistance and tear resistance.

Applicability of isolation gowns

The applicable situations of wearing isolation gowns mainly include the following four. First of all, it is necessary to wear isolation gowns when contacting patients with infectious diseases spread by contact, such as those infected by multi-drug resistant bacteria. Secondly, isolation gowns are also indispensable when carrying out protective isolation of patients, such as diagnosis, treatment, and nursing of patients with extensive burns and bone marrow transplants. Then, when medical staff may be splashed by the patient's blood, body fluids, secretions, etc., they should also wear isolation gowns in advance as a precaution. Finally, if you need to enter key departments, such as ICU, NICU, protective wards, etc., whether you need to wear isolation gowns should be determined based on the purpose of medical personnel entering the department and the contact status of the patients.

Nowadays, due to the excellent protective properties of the isolation gown, the isolation gown is playing an increasingly important role in medical and other fields, and the development of its production technology is getting better and better. Rhycom specializes in the research and development, design, production and sales of isolation gowns and has a mature system to provide customers with high-quality isolation gowns. Rhycom has excellent production technology, standardized management system, and integrity management, which is an ideal choice.

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