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What are the advantages of the isolation gown produced by Rhycom?
Isolation gowns can isolate pathogens, reduce the pathogen’s invasion of medical staff and patients, and provide a certain guarantee for their health and safety. Therefore, isolation gowns are indispensable for hospitals, so it is especially important to choose high-quality gowns important. In the face of fierce competition in the isolation gown market, Rhycom still has many advantages. So, let's take a closer look at what are the advantages of the isolation gown produced by Rhycom?



What are the types of isolation gowns?
Isolation gowns are designed for workers who enter dangerous environments. It not only prevents medical staff from being infected or contaminated, but also prevents patients from being infected. It is an important protective device for two-way isolation. There are also various types of isolation gown. According to the different processing technology of materials, isolation gown is divided into PP PE isolation gown, CPE isolation gown and SMS isolation gown. So, what are the specific differences between these different types of isolation gowns? Below, we will introduce these different types of isolation gowns in detail.



What are the types of disposable coveralls?
Disposable coverall is a common medical consumable, which plays a role of isolation and protection in the work of medical staff, and plays a prominent role in the medical field. In hospitals, we also see that there are different types of disposable coveralls, mainly including two types: medical coverall and protective coverall. Let's take a detailed look at the composition and function of these two types.



What are the precautions for wearing isolation gowns?
The purpose of wearing isolation gowns is to protect staff and patients from pathogens, prevent the spread of pathogens, and avoid cross-infection. isolation gowns play an indispensable role in hospitals, beauty salons and petting zoos, especially in the medical field. So, what should be paid attention to when wearing isolation gowns?



What are the differences between medical protective clothing and isolation gown?
Isolation gown and medical protective clothing are both protective products that cut off the source of infection and protect medical staff. Based on the characteristics of medical protective clothing and isolation gown, let's explain the difference between the two in detail.
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