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How to wear disposable coverall correctly?

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Disposable coveralls can help medical staff block the invasion of pathogens, thereby providing protective equipment for their safety and health. Wearing disposable coverall is also very particular. So how to wear disposable coverall correctly?

Here is the content list:

  • Inspection before wearing disposable coverall

  • Ways to wear disposable coverall

  • The principle of disposable coverall

Inspection before wearing disposable coverall

Before wearing the disposable coverall, we must first check the disposable coverall. This inspection is very important. If you put on an unsafe disposable coverall, it may cause serious injury. It is necessary to observe whether the disposable coverall is contaminated, whether the stitches are cracked, whether the clothes are broken, etc. Then observe whether the model of the disposable coverall is correct, you must confirm that the size is suitable for you. Whether the clothes are too large or too small, it will cause inconvenience in the work process, and easily cause the disposable coverall to tear.

Next, wash your hands and disinfect, remove the jewelry from your hands, choose a suitable place for replacement, and ensure that there are no pollutants in the replacement environment.

Ways to wear disposable coverall

The dressing of work clothes must follow a certain order. This can ensure that the disposable coverall is worn correctly and quickly. Generally, you wear shoe covers first, then pants, then tops, and finally hats in this order. It should be noted that during the entire wearing process, try to prevent the inside of the disposable coverall from contacting the external environment to avoid contamination of the disposable coverall at the beginning.

The principle of disposable coverall

The principle to take off the disposable coverall is to take it off safely without causing pollution to the human body and the environment. If there are pollutants on the disposable coverall, they should be washed off first to prevent the environment from being polluted. Then take off the disposable coverall, also in a certain order. But first unzip the zipper, then take off the hat, take off the shirt, then take off the gloves, then take off the pants, and finally take off the shoe covers. Be careful to touch the outer surface of the disposable coverall as much as possible before taking off the gloves, and try to touch the inner surface of the disposable coverall after taking off the gloves. After the disposable coverall is taken off, the inner surface should also face outward to wrap the outer surface and contaminants inside to avoid pollution and no contact with the human body and the environment. And the disposable coverall that has been taken off should also be treated in a centralized manner to avoid expanding pollution.

As a kind of extremely effective protective equipment, disposable coveralls have been widely used in the medical field, and it also plays a great role. As a professional manufacturer and seller of disposable coveralls, it has a high-quality management team and production control department. It insists on modernization of production, standardization of quality and standardization of management. The products produced are not only of good quality, but also at fair prices.

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