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Surgical Gowns

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The surgical gown has played a vital role in the medical world today, and its surface is on the rise. So what are the specific uses and status of the surgical gowns? Don’t worry, let’s look at the following and you will understand distantly.What is the present situation of the surgical gowns?What is



What are the types of surgical gowns?
A surgical gown is personal protective clothing worn by health care workers during surgery to protect patients and health care workers from the spread of microorganisms, body fluids, and particles. What are the types of surgical gowns?What are the types of surgical gowns and what are their character



What are the standards for quality of the surgical gowns?
Surgical gowns should not only protect medical staff from occupational exposure but also ensure the safety of patients’ operations. Of course, professional standards are required to regulate the operating gowns. You may be curious about the criteria for the surgical gowns. So what are the standards



What are the requirements for surgical gowns?
At the time of operation, it is necessary to require medical staff to wear special surgical gowns. At the time of choosing the operating garment, for the sake of safety, the garment must be protected, so as to carry out strict sterilization and disinfection treatment, so as to ensure that the protec



What are the precautions about the surgical gowns?
The surgical gown is the special garment that the medical staff must wear before entering the operating room. It can protect the medical staff themselves from the aspect of isolating germs. At the same time, its sterility also plays a very good role in protecting the patient. Unlike a white coat, su



What are the differences between surgical gowns and protective gowns?
What are the differences between surgical gowns and protective gowns?Surgical gowns and protective gowns are commonly used personal protective equipment in hospitals. In the COVID-19 epidemic in 2020, with the development of the epidemic, the hospital is in urgent need of medical supplies, caring pe
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