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How to choose the right isolation gown?

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Isolation gowns are a common medical consumable, and are used for public health personnel to block the spread of pathogens and other protective equipment. They play an important role in the medical field. So, let's take a closer look at how to choose a suitable isolation gown?

Here is the content list:

  • Choose isolation gowns according to the place of use

  • Choose isolation gowns based on quality

Choose isolation gowns according to the place of use

First of all, if it is used in a safe, virus-free place to block contaminants, surgical gowns can be selected, and they can be repeatedly disinfected and used. Secondly, if it is used in places where there may be a risk of infection, and wearing isolation gowns is used to protect yourself from infection, you can choose ordinary isolation gowns, and note that the isolation gowns cannot be reused. Third, if it is used in places where there is a medium or low risk of infection, or in the case of contact with patients with infectious diseases, you need to choose a disposable isolation gown. The isolation protection effect of this kind of isolation gown is relatively strong, and it is waterproof and airtight. . In addition, if there is a high-risk, high-risk virus in the place of use, or if you are in contact with a Type A infectious patient or virus carrier, you need to choose an isolation gown with higher protective performance, and you can wear a rubberized isolation gown or disposable protective clothing. .

Choose isolation gowns based on quality

When purchasing isolation gowns, pay attention to the material of the isolation gown. Some gowns are disposable, and some gowns can be reused. Among them, one-time gowns should be of good quality as much as possible. Due to the role of gowns in isolating pathogens, even if they are only used once, they cannot be of inferior quality. For reusable isolation garments, the material requirements are much stricter. Because the reusable isolation gown must withstand multiple high-intensity washings, it must be stored aseptically after washing for the next use. Therefore, when choosing a reusable isolation gown, pay attention to the durability of the fabric material and try to use high-quality fabrics. Moreover, not only in terms of fabrics, but also more attention to style design when choosing, and styles that are easy to put on and take off must be convenient for medical staff and patients to replace them in time, thereby reducing the risk of spreading.

Since medical staff will have direct contact with patients with infectious diseases, they will also enter some strict departments, and visitors from outside also need to wear isolation gowns, so hospitals have high requirements for the choice of isolation gowns. Therefore, isolation gowns play a huge role in preventing and controlling the spread of infectious diseases in hospitals, so the choice of high-quality isolation gowns is very important. Rhycom is a company that specializes in manufacturing and selling isolation gowns for civilians. It has high-quality products and a professional technical production and sales team. Its product design is reasonable and material selection is stressful. It is trustworthy.

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