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What are the standards for quality of the surgical gowns?

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Surgical gowns should not only protect medical staff from occupational exposure but also ensure the safety of patients’ operations. Of course, professional standards are required to regulate the operating gowns. You may be curious about the criteria for the surgical gowns. So what are the standards for them?

  • What are the standards for the quality of surgical gowns?

What are the standards for the quality of surgical gowns?

The penetration of dry resistance microorganisms, the penetration of wet resistance microorganisms, and floc drop are the most important indicators. On the premise of ensuring air permeability and comfortable wearing, the operating garment itself cannot be deflocculated, and it also plays a role in blocking bacteria and viruses in dry and wet conditions to form an effective sterile barrier. The barrier property includes the property of preventing liquid penetration and microorganism penetration. The surgical gowns should also be neat and clean during wearing and using. It is not easy to produce wool or dust, because the hairs and particles falling off the surface of the surgical gown are easy to carry pathogens and cause harm to the patients’ safety and the operating environment. At the same time, the bulging and tearing strength of the fabric should be considered when evaluating the protective performance of the operating garment. Because the broken clothes and wear will make the pathogen and the medical staff's skin direct contact so that the surgical gowns lose the ability to protect. In addition, the patients’ blood will be spattered out during the operation, so the operating garment must also have a certain hydrophobicity and hydrostatic resistance. In addition, the surgical gowns should also meet other requirements such as comfort, flame retardant, and antistatic.

① Impedance of microorganisms - wet state

If the liquid penetrates medical functional materials, it will form channels for bacteria and viruses, so materials in a wet state should have a certain ability to block liquid penetration.

② Medical functional materials are basically woven from the whole long fiber polyester fiber, polyester fiber is not easy to break, use, not due to friction caused by development.

③ Impermeability (hydrostatic pressure)

The performance index of impermeability (hydrostatic pressure) represents the barrier performance of water-proof and bacteria-resistant medical functional materials under wet conditions.

④ Cleanliness -- microorganisms

Microbial cleanliness represents whether the number of bacterial colonies on the surface of the operating garment meets the requirements of sterility before use, that is, the quality of sterilization.

⑤ Cleanliness -- particulate matter

The cleanliness of particulate matter represents the amount of dust on the surface of the fabric after the operation garment is used, which is the cleaning quality of the operation garment before sterilization.

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