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What are the requirements for surgical gowns?

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At the time of operation, it is necessary to require medical staff to wear special surgical gowns. At the time of choosing the operating garment, for the sake of safety, the garment must be protected, so as to carry out strict sterilization and disinfection treatment, so as to ensure that the protective effect is achieved. As a result, what are the concrete requirements for the surgical gowns? Let’s look at the following.

  • What are the requirements for surgical gowns?

What are the requirements for surgical gowns?

1.     Its basic material, mostly non-woven fabric, after a series of disinfection treatments, for use, its use, mostly disposable use, to ensure health and hygiene. After all, the hygiene of such clothes is extremely important, so as to effectively avoid the infection on the operating table. Maintain a clean environment. And a lot of doctors have to spend a lot of time doing surgery, so they have to wear the clothes for a long time. So we need to make sure the surgical gowns are more comfortable and breathable. After all, medical staff is in a very nervous state all the time during the operation, so they must make sure that they wear comfortable clothes and can effectively prevent clothing tearing or causing unnecessary wear and tear.

2.     Good resistance to static when worn in winter. It also has good resistance to some chemicals and bacteria. The color of clothing is mostly blue, so it brings a quiet and serene visual effect.

3.     Concrete requirements:

①Clean and tidy:It is well known that surgical gowns are worn by nurses and doctors in the operating room, often in a demanding environment. Therefore, surgical gowns not only need to be cleaned but also need to be disinfected. No matter nurses or doctors, they must wear the medical uniform prescribed by the medical institution when working in the operating room and are not allowed to wear personal clothing.

②Surgical gowns usually have pockets, because the staff needs to put some things. But the pocket is not allowed to store personal belongings and other unclean objects.

③Wear aseptic surgical gowns method is to gently shake open the gown, lift the collar on both sides, put both hands into the characteristics of the operating room overwear - operating clothes sleeve, arms forward, assisted by the nurse to put on, arms cross lift belt sent to the rear, tied by the nurse behind.

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