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What are the precautions about the surgical gowns?

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The surgical gown is the special garment that the medical staff must wear before entering the operating room. It can protect the medical staff themselves from the aspect of isolating germs. At the same time, its sterility also plays a very good role in protecting the patient. Unlike a white coat, surgical gowns are neatly buttoned. Some things to pay attention to when wearing them.

  • What are the precautions about the surgical gowns?

What are the precautions about the surgical gowns?

First, there are two types. Surgical gowns are mainly divided into two kinds, one is the backpack-type aseptic surgical gowns, the other is the traditional aseptic surgical gowns.

When wearing traditional sterile one, the surgical staff needs to wash their hands, disinfect and dry them, and then remove the sterile surgical gowns from the open sterile surgical gowns. Grabbed the collar two horns, make clothing after facing you will find a spacious place it inside fluffed out in full, the sleeve entrance USES and light is thrown up, hands quickly into his sleeve, two arms forward arm unbend. The circuit nurse takes the belt at the back and helps to tie it. This completes the traditional sterile surgical gown. The dressing method of the backup aseptic operating garment is changed on the basis of the traditional aseptic operating garment. When the doctor puts on the operating garment and puts on the aseptic gloves, the instrument nurse passes the belt to the surgeon to tie it by himself. The back page of the backup operating garment covers the back part of the surgeon so that the back part is aseptic. This method can ensure the sterility of surgical gowns. After putting on it, pay attention to the hands half extended in front of the chest, avoid touching the people or things around. Do not put your hands under your armpits, lift them over your shoulders or drop them below your waist.

There are some common mistakes, including:

①Put on the cap and mask before putting on the surgical gown, check the disinfection date before getting dressed.

②It is not directly grasped the operating garment to open the operation when it reaches the empty area. Contamination caused by touching the edges of tables and chairs.

③Shake off the action is not to the point, shake off up and down resulting in direct penalty points.

④When the hands reach into the sleeves, the position of the hands is not standard, and the hands are too high over the shoulders and too low over the waist.

⑤Because of the body fat and other reasons to lift the belt, directly reach out to touch the belt leading to pollution.

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