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What are the differences between surgical gowns and isolation gowns?

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Isolation gowns and surgical gowns are common protective items in hospitals. In the process of clinical examination, we often find that medical personnel is somewhat confused about the two. Don’t worry, next, we will tell you the difference between isolation gowns and surgical gowns from the following aspects.

  • What are the differences between surgical gowns and isolation gowns?

What are the differences between surgical gowns and isolation gowns?

1. From their different definitions:

①For isolation gowns: Isolation gowns are mainly used by medical personnel to avoid contamination of blood, body fluids, and other infectious substances when they come into contact with patients, or to protect patients from infection. An isolation gown is double protection to prevent medical personnel from being infected or contaminated and to prevent patients from being infected.

②For surgical gowns: The surgical gowns play a two-way protective role during the operation. The first gown in patients in medical staff set up a barrier between contact with a patients' blood during surgery to reduce staff and other fluid of patients with the probability of potential source of infection, and second, the gown can block engraftment/stick on the surface of the skin or the clothes that health care workers spread bacteria to surgery patients, effectively avoid the cross-infection of multi-resistant bacteria. Therefore, the barrier function of the surgical garment is considered to be key to reducing the risk during the procedure.

2. From their different perspective of the wear and take off process

There are several differences between the isolation garment and the operating garment. So we need to pay attention to the clean surface from pollution when the isolation garment is put on and off, while the operating garment pays more attention to the aseptic operation; Isolation clothing can be done alone, and surgical clothing must be helped by an assistant; (Clothes can be reused without contamination. After use, hang it in the corresponding area. After wearing the operating garment once, it must be cleaned, disinfected, and sterilized before use. Disposable protective gowns are commonly used in clinical microbiology laboratories, infectious disease negative pressure wards, and other virus transmissions, so as to protect medical personnel from pathogens.

3. From the appearance

It is not easy to distinguish between the surgical gowns and the isolating gowns. It can be distinguished according to the length of the waistband (the isolating gowns should be tied to the front for easy removal, while the surgical gowns should be tied to the back).

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