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What are surgical gowns made of?

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The surgical gown covers and provides a barrier to important areas from the shoulders to the knees and wrists. Operating gowns are usually made with fixed sleeves or rotator cuffs. Operating gowns are available with and without towels. But what are the surgical gowns made of? The following will give you answers.

  • What are surgical gowns made of?

What are surgical gowns made of?

Most surgical gowns are made of a fabric called SMS. SMS is a lightweight and comfortable non-woven fabric that provides a protective barrier. But generally speaking, different surgical gowns are made of different materials in different situations. For example, high performance for operations with a high risk of infection and fluid penetration and standard performance for these low-risk operations. As an experimental application of polyester microfilament fabrics, reusable surgical gowns must be repeatedly washed and disinfected. Therefore, in addition to maintaining the original state of the fabric without affecting its initial physical properties, hydrophobic treatment should be given a certain degree of washable resistance.

① Standard performance grades of disposable surgical textiles are mainly made from hydraulically entwined non-woven fabrics finished with cellulose pulp and FC, or from PP fibers in a spunbonded-melt-blown-spunbonded-structure.

② Disposable surgical textiles of high-performance grade mainly consist of a spun bond-melt-blown non-woven fabric with a larger weight per unit area or a film laminated material made from hydraulically entwined non-woven fabric with a PE or PP film.

Surgical gowns can be made of disposable or reusable materials. Each of these has advantages and disadvantages, depending on the fabric structure and performance characteristics of the material. All cotton muslin is a soft absorbent fabric with a loosely woven. Woven reusable surgical gouges are traditionally made of fine cotton and tightly woven fabrics treated with waterproof compounds. Most surgical gowns these days are made of polyester blends. This fabric was once a popular medical textile fabric with good air permeability but has been withdrawn from the market due to low liquid penetration resistance. The later polyester/cotton blends performed well in terms of thermal comfort but faced challenges in terms of liquid penetration protection even at 180 counts. Other materials in the form of coatings, reinforcements, laminates, or plastic film are often added to reusable and disposable products to improve their barrier, absorbability, and slip resistance. Surgeons are less comfortable wearing enhanced suits because there is less heat transfer and more sweating in areas where the suit is covered by another layer of fabric or plastic.

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