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How to disinfect and deal with the surgical gowns?

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Surgical gowns are the clothing worn by medical personnel when performing operations on patients. The fabric used in operating gowns belongs to medical shielding fabric, which mainly focuses on barrier performance. After manufacturing, the surgical gown needs to be sterilized and encapsulated for use by medical personnel. So how to disinfect and deal with the surgical gowns? Let’s look at the following.

  • How to disinfect and deal with the surgical gowns?

  • What are the different types of surgical gowns?

How to disinfect and deal with the surgical gowns?

At present, most of the surgical gowns are simply soaked in alcohol and then dried after manufacturing. The method is simple and cannot fully kill some bacteria remaining on the clothes, and the sterilization effect is not good. The invention realizes the above purpose through the following technical scheme, a sterilization treatment method of a surgical gown. In order to improve the method, we’d better take the following method:

(1)Soak the manufactured surgical gown in alcohol for half an hour and then take it out and dry it.

(2)Place the surgical gown soaked in alcohol in disinfectant for 20-30 minutes.

(3)The surgical gown soaked with a disinfectant in step (2) is placed in the ultraviolet radiation room, and the ultraviolet radiation is used for 10-30s.

(4)The surgical gown after ultraviolet sterilization in Step (3) is cleaned and dried with deionized water.

(5)Use the conveyor to pass the dried ones through the deionization fan room.

(6)Finally, vacuum packing will be carried out through the surgical gowns in the ion fan room.

As to different materials, we need to use different methods. So what are the different types?

What are the different types of surgical gowns?

1.Cotton surgical gown: Surgical gowns, which are the most widely used and most dependent in medical institutions, have good air permeability but have poor barrier and protection functions.  The cotton material is prone to flocculation, which makes the maintenance cost of the hospitals' ventilation equipment a lot of burdens.

2.High-density polyester fabric: This type of fabric is mainly made of polyester fiber, and conductive materials are embedded on the surface of the fabric so that the fabric has a certain antistatic effect, which improves the comfort of the wearer.  This kind of fabric has a certain degree of hydrophobicity, is not easy to produce cotton deflocculation, and has the advantages of a high repeated use rate. This kind of fabric has a good antibacterial effect.

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