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What are the standards for isolation gowns?

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Isolation gowns are protective products that provide barriers and protections for workers when they come into contact with potentially infectious blood, body fluids, secretions, and particulate matter in the air. It is precisely because of the important protective function of isolation clothing that the quality standards of isolation clothing need to be paid attention to. So, what are the standards for isolation gowns?

Here is the content list:

  • Appearance requirements of isolation gown

  • Structural requirements of isolation gown

  • Protective performance requirements of isolation clothing

Appearance requirements of isolation gown

First of all, isolation garments are usually made of non-woven materials, or combined with materials with better impermeability, such as plastic films. Then, the isolation gown should be dry, clean and free of mildew, and the surface should be free of stickies, cracks, holes and other defects. Secondly, the connecting part of the isolation garment can be processed by stitching, bonding or heat sealing, and the connecting part should be flat and sealed without air bubbles.

Structural requirements of isolation gown

The isolation gown should be able to cover the torso and all clothing to form a physical barrier to prevent the spread of microorganisms and other substances. In addition, the isolation clothing should have anti-permeability, abrasion resistance and tear resistance. At the same time, the isolation gown should open at the back to cover all clothes and exposed skin. In addition, the isolation gown can be reusable or disposable, generally without a cap. The structure of the isolation garment should also be reasonable, so that it is easy to put on and take off, the joints are tight, and the cuffs and neck should be elastically closed.

Protective performance requirements of isolation clothing

First of all, the liquid barrier function of the isolation coat, including water permeability, moisture permeability, resistance to synthetic blood penetration, and surface moisture resistance, must meet the required standards. In addition, the breaking strength, breaking elongation, filtration efficiency, flame retardancy, and antistatic properties of the isolation clothing should all meet the standards. Then, with regard to microbiological indicators, the packaging mark of the isolation gown should display the words "sterilized" or "sterile". Coliform bacteria, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus and hemolytic cocci shall not be detected on the isolation gown. Moreover, the amount of ethylene oxide used for sterilization remaining on the isolation coat should not be excessive.

Isolation gowns are important protective products used by hospitals to prevent and control infections. They play a very important role in protecting the health and safety of patients and medical workers. Rhycom is a professional manufacturer and exporter of isolation gowns. Rhycom is strictly managed, meticulously crafted, and strives for perfection. The products produced are of high quality, conforming to standards, beautiful and practical, with a broad market prospect and a long life cycle. In addition, Rhycom also has an experienced technical team, who is good at listening and understanding customer needs, conducting scientific research and development, and being able to meet customer needs quickly and with high quality.

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