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What are the precautions for wearing disposable coverall?

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Disposable coveralls can effectively help medical staff to block pathogens and protect their health. If the disposable coverall is not worn in the correct way, it may cause the disposable coverall to be contaminated. Let's take a closer look below. What are the precautions for wearing disposable coverall?

Here is the content list:

  • Preparation before wearing

  • How to wear it correctly

  • Precautions after taking off

Preparation before wearing

Before wearing, we first need to wash our hands and disinfect, and remove all hand accessories such as bracelets and watches to avoid scratching the disposable coverall. Then we have to carefully observe the appearance of the disposable coverall. The first is to observe whether there are contaminants on the surface of the disposable coverall, and then to see whether the stitched part is flat, sealed and free of air bubbles. Then, observe whether it is your own model. If it is not in accordance with the model, it will restrict the work's movement. At the same time, the disposable coverall is more likely to be scratched by objects during the operation.

How to wear it correctly

The process of wearing should be strictly in accordance with the requirements, and should be worn one by one in the order from bottom to top, and the order should not be disrupted. At the same time, try to avoid touching the inner surface of the disposable coverall to prevent contamination.

Precautions after taking off

Before removing the disposable coverall, first check whether there are contaminants on the disposable coverall. If there are contaminants, they should be cleaned and disinfected in time. When taking off the disposable coverall, first unzip the zipper first, and I take them off one by one in the reverse order of wearing the disposable coverall. Among them, it should be noted that before taking off the gloves, the gloves should touch the outer surface of the disposable coverall as much as possible, and try to touch the inner surface of the disposable coverall after the gloves are taken off. The disposable coverall that is taken off should have the outer surface facing outward and the inner surface should be covered with contaminants in it. Then, the disposable coverall should not be discarded casually, and centralized disinfection and treatment should be carried out.

Disposable coverall is an important protective barrier for medical staff, which can protect them from pathogens as much as possible while working in the hospital. As far as the hospital is concerned, the quality of disposable coverall also affects the quality of the hospital and the internal protection and control capabilities of the hospital. Therefore, we must choose a good quality disposable coverall. Rhycom is a professional manufacturer of disposable coverall, with an experienced technical team, adheres to standardized management, meets the environmental requirements of the production of disposable coverall, and ensures that the entire production process meets the requirements and standards of disposable coverall, and provides customers with high-quality Products and quality services.

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