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What are the applications of the surgical gowns?

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Surgical gowns play an important role in clinical medicine as the specialty of the career of the doctors. But someone may consider what are the concrete uses and applications of the surgical gowns. Don’t worry, let’s look at the following.

  • What is the scope of application and performance of the surgical gowns?

What is the scope of application and performance of the surgical gowns?

Doctors need to accept different patients every day and some sick patients need treatment by surgery. The surgery exists in the blood or the possibility of infectious fluid spillage and has a certain pressure, the splash is not a general liquid infiltration, surgical gown material block has the ability to pressure liquid is higher, only in this way can effectively protect the medical personnel. That’s why it’s important for doctors to use surgical gowns when performing special treatments or operations. The fabric used for operating gowns belongs to medical shielding fabric, which mainly focuses on barrier performance. The barrier property includes the property of preventing the penetration of liquid and microorganisms. In the course of medical treatment, medical staff will inevitably come into contact with the blood and body fluids of patients, whose blood and body fluids may often carry various pathogens such as HBV (hepatitis B virus), HCV (hepatitis C virus), and HIV (AIDS virus). So where else is the operating gown useful? What are its properties?

Scope of application: Surgical gowns can be used for surgical operations, patient treatment; Epidemic prevention inspection in public places; Disinfection of virus-contaminated areas; It can also be widely used in the military, medical, chemical, environmental protection, transportation, epidemic prevention, and other fields. The performance of the operating garment mainly includes barrier performance and comfortable performance.

The barrier performance mainly refers to the protective performance of the operating garment, and its evaluation methods mainly include hydrostatic pressure, water staining test, impact penetration, spray, blood penetration, microbial penetration, and particle filtration efficiency.

2.Comfort performance includes air permeability, water vapor penetration, drapability, quality, surface thickness, electrostatic performance, color, reflective, odor, and skin sensitization, as well as the influence of design and sewing in garment processing. The main evaluation indexes are air permeability, moisture permeability, charge density, and so on.

In a word, a surgical gown is an essential protective tool for doctors in clinical practice. It should be kept neat and clean during wearing and using, and should not produce dander or dust, because the hairs and particles falling off the surface of the surgical gowns are easy to carry pathogens and cause harm to the safety of patients.

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