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How to choose high-quality disposable coverall?

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The safety of medical staff benefited from the invasion of pathogens by disposable coveralls, and the role of disposable coveralls in the medical industry have become more and more prominent. It is precisely because disposable coverall is so important, so you must be particularly cautious when choosing, you must choose high-quality disposable coverall, in order to truly effectively avoid infection of medical staff by pathogens. So, let's explain in detail, how to choose high-quality disposable coverall?

Here is the content list:

  • Judge the quality of disposable coverall from packaging

  • Judge the quality of disposable coverall from appearance

  • Judging the quality of disposable coverall from the protection performance

Judge the quality of disposable coverall from packaging

First look at the instructions attached to the package and observe the expiry date and production date of this disposable coverall. Then observe whether there are production licenses, sterile marks, and information such as manufacturers, suppliers, and trademarks of the place of production to ensure that disposable coverall has a production license, not a three-free product. At the same time, understand the material configuration of this disposable coverall, and have a rough estimate of the quality of this disposable coverall. All of the above must meet the requirements.

Judge the quality of disposable coverall from appearance

Then open the package and judge its quality based on its appearance. First of all, the appearance of the disposable coverall must be kept clean, dry and clean, and there must be no loopholes, and the number of stitches connected to the clothes must be smooth and free of bubbles. If the above problems occur on the disposable coverall, it means that its quality is not good, and it cannot be used. If all its appearance meets the requirements, then it can be further tested and judged.

Judging the quality of disposable coverall from the protection performance

The packaging and appearance of disposable coverall meet the requirements. Then you can come to a deeper protection performance test. You can choose disposable coverall, a certain important part of the fabric as a sample, this part is carried out, the surface moisture resistance, breaking strength, breaking elongation, filtration efficiency, antistatic and flame retardant properties are tested, and compared with the production standard, observe Whether all meet the requirements. Next, measure whether the microbiological indicators of the disposable coverall meet the standard, and whether the residual amount of ethylene oxide used for sterilization is qualified. The above protective performance indicators must all meet the production standards of disposable coverall. If one of the above indicators fails, it may cause unimaginable medical accidents.

Precisely because of the special importance of disposable coverall, we must choose high quality carefully when choosing. Rhycom adheres to strict management, meticulous workmanship, and integrity management. Its disposable coveralls are of high quality, strictly in compliance with standards, beautiful and practical, comfortable to wear. With a good service attitude, it can also meets the needs of customers in a timely manner, so it is deeply favored by customers.

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