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How to choose a suitable disposable coverall?

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As we all know, disposable coverall is an important barrier for medical staff to avoid viruses, and it plays an irreplaceable role in the medical field. If the appropriate disposable coverall is not selected, its protective effect will be greatly reduced. So, let us carefully discuss how to choose a suitable disposable coverall?

Here is the content list:

  • Choose according to the usage scenario

  • Choose according to quality

Choose according to the usage scenario

Medical coverall applies to four types of situations. The first category is highly polluting environments, such as the frosting and painting of wood surfaces and the polishing of electroplated surfaces. The second is the medical field. Whether it is hospital protection or pharmaceutical production, medical coveralls are inseparable. The third is the use of agricultural insecticides and the production configuration of high-precision components. The last one is in food processing, such as the production and filling of dairy products.

The protective coverall can be used in a wider range, including firefighting and military industry, shipbuilding chemicals, disinfection and cleaning, laboratories, and medical industries. According to different applicable scenarios, protective coveralls are also divided into many types, and there will be differences between various types of protective coveralls that serve different scenarios.

Choose according to quality

In addition to the choice of the type of disposable coverall, the choice of quality is also particularly important. First of all, we have to observe the appearance of the disposable coverall, whether its surface is clean, whether the sewing part is flat, whether there are defects such as holes. Then observe its instruction manual to see if it is within the warranty period and what is the expiration date. Then, judge the fabric according to the material of disposable coverall. You can select a disposable coverall as a sample, perform some functional tests on it, and analyze the results to determine whether it can effectively block blood, body fluids and secretions, and whether it can effectively protect the health and safety of medical staff.

The choice of disposable coverall has a direct impact on the safety of medical staff. If an inappropriate disposable coverall is selected, medical staff will be exposed to the risk of pathogen invasion. Therefore, when choosing the type and quality of disposable coverall, we must think carefully and choose carefully. This is the responsibility to the medical staff, as well as the hospital and the patients. Rhycom is an enterprise specializing in the design, production and sales of disposable work clothes. It has an experienced technical team and a high-quality communication team. It provides professional technology and services to every customer, and pursues to make every customer feel at ease. satisfaction. Moreover, the disposable coveralls produced by the company not only have good air permeability and are comfortable to wear, but also can effectively isolate external pathogens, and the product types and styles are complete, which fully meet the needs of medical staff. The company adheres to strict management and is committed to producing safe and high-quality disposable coverall. Therefore, if you want disposable coverall, Rhycom is a very reliable and considered choice.

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