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How are disposable coveralls made?

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We all know that disposable coveralls protect medical staff from germs and provide a guarantee for the safety of medical staff. Therefore, for hospitals, disposable coveralls play a great role. So how are disposable coveralls made? Let me introduce it in detail below.

Here is the content list:

  • Material of disposable coveralls

  • Manufacturing process of disposable coveralls

Material of disposable coveralls

Disposable coveralls are composed of hats, tops and trousers, which can be divided into one-piece structure and two-piece structure. It mainly uses four types of non-woven fabrics: ordinary pp non-woven fabrics, peritoneal non-woven fabrics, SMS non-woven fabrics and breathable membrane non-woven fabrics as the main materials. The design of disposable coveralls is generally one-piece, front opening, and the fabric is durable, tear-resistant, comfortable to wear, and anti-pollution. The surface of the disposable coveralls is treated with a special coating, and the 100% dust resistance can effectively prevent harmful germs and dust.

Manufacturing process of disposable coveralls

The production of disposable coveralls mainly uses machines such as lockstitch sewing machine, overlock sewing machine and laminating machine to process non-woven fabrics that meet the protection requirements through cutting, stitching, tightening, bonding and laminating strips, and water repellent , Blood, alcohol, anti-static and other functional finishing, followed by folding packaging, then Eo sterilization of disposable coveralls, and finally finished product inspection. In this way, it is made into disposable coveralls containing hats, tops and trousers. Among them, the cutting part and the sewing part are particularly important. The cutting and sewing of disposable coveralls determine the comfort and antibacterial properties of disposable coveralls. The cutting part needs to be automatically or manually cut and a serrated blade is required, and the cutting speed should be moderate to prevent sticking. Sewing is mainly carried out through two equipment, a sewing machine and a heat sealing machine. Before sewing, check the front and back of the cut piece, and whether the quality of the piece is damaged. After the cap piece, the front and back pieces of the jacket, the raglan sleeves and the body, the placket, the jacket and the pants are stitched together by a flat car, they are sealed with a heat sealer, and elastic rubber is added to the back waist. The cuffs, trousers and cap openings are required Use a flat car to extract the oak root.

It is precisely because of the importance of disposable coveralls to hospitals that the production and sewing process of disposable coveralls ranges from fabric production, cutting and sewing, adhesive strips, aseptic treatment of garments to the completion of the finished product, and there are many processes in the middle, and each link is There can be no mistakes. Rhycom is a professional manufacturer and supplier of disposable overalls. Its production process is strictly in accordance with standards, the selection of materials is exquisite, and it has a high-quality management team. Make timely adjustments to meet customer needs. Therefore, for hospitals, Rhycom is is trustworthy and an ideal choice.

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