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Rhycomme PP PE AAMI Level 2 Blue Isolation Gown Disposable

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It is used for general isolation in outpatient clinics, wards, inspection rooms, etc. of medical institutions.

Rhycomme PP PE AAMI Level 2 Blue Waterproof  Isolation Gown

  • Breathable Design: The CE certified Level 2 PP & PE 35g 40g protection gown is strong enough for tough duties while still being comfortably breathable and flexible.

  • Practical Design: The gown features fully closed, double tie backs, with knitted cuffs easily can be worn with gloves to provide protection.

  • Fine Design: The gown is made from lightweight, non-woven materials that ensures fluid resistance.

  • Proper Size Design: The gown is designed to fit men and women of all sizes while providing comfort and flexibility.

  • Double Tie Design: The gown features the dual ties at the back of the waist and neck which creates a comfortable and secure fit.

Product Classification Sterile
Shelf Life 2 Years

elastic cuff

Neck with tie back or velcro
Colour white,green,blue,yellow etc.
Package 1 piece/bag, 100 pieces/carton
Volume 53*38*32cm

M: 115*135

L: 120*140

XL: 125*145


Quality Certification

CE Certified,European standard EN13795

FDA Listing,AAMI PB70 Report 

ISO  13485 QMS Certificate 

Rhycom PP PE AAMI Level 2 Blue Waterproof Isolation Gown

Xiantao Rhycom non-woven products Co., Ltd is a specialized manufacturer and exporter of disposable nonwoven and plastic products in China. 

Main Products Of Regular Models:

1.PP+PE/PP/SMS Isolation Gown(EN 13795,EN 14126, AAMI  PB70 L1,L2,L3,L4,GB 15979)

2.SMS/SMMS/SMMMS Surgical Gown(EN 13795, AAMI PB70 L2,L3,L4, YY/T0506) 

3. Protective Coveralls(EN 14126, TYPE3&4,TYPE5& 6, AAMI PB70, GB 19082)

4. Face Mask(EN 14683, ASTM F2100, YY/T0969)

Specific corresponding parameters and certificate contact, can be customized or OEM according to your needs.

Rhycom PP PE AAMI Level 2 Blue Waterproof Isolation Gown

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