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What are the characteristics of surgical gowns?

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Due to the particularity of doctors' profession, they need to see different patients every day, and some seriously ill patients need to be treated through surgery, during which there is the possibility of blood or infectious body fluids spilling. So, what are the specific characteristics of surgical gowns? Let’s take a look!

  • What are the characteristics of surgical gowns?

What are the characteristics of surgical gowns?

1. Pure cotton:

Pure cotton is a natural fiber with the advantages of good air permeability, good feel, and low price. At present, more than 90% of all medical institutions in China use cotton surgical gowns mainly. However, in western countries, the requirements for surgical gowns have taken various protective properties and sensitivity control as the main standard focus, reducing the use of cotton surgical gowns. Although cotton has good air permeability, no barrier protective function, in case of large-scale surgery, massive bleeding, or needs to use a large amount of liquid washing, the surgical downs will be soaked by the splashing liquid and then infiltrate the inner layer of the brush coat. At the hospital level, operating room staff may avoid contact with the human body by sticking a waterproof film or a water catchment layer to collect fluid from the operation. In addition, if a large amount of body fluid is expected to be produced during a major operation, if the medical staff chooses to wear a cotton surgical gown, a waterproof burqa should be added to the gown to prevent the absorption of the fluid on the surgical gown.

2. High-density fabric:

Conductive fibers or carbon fibers are embedded every (0.5-1) cm on the surface of the fabric to make the fabric that has an antistatic effect (similar to a clean cloth fabric).  The antistatic effect significantly improves the comfort of surgical gowns. This type of surgical gown is hydrophobic, has a barrier function, and is not easy to generate dust, and the advantages of cotton surgical gown detachment.

3. Multiply laminated fabric:

With the continuous improvement of textile technology, many new materials are gradually applied in various medical fabrics. The advantages of cotton and chemical fibers are combined together, and the surgical gown has excellent protective performance and comfortable air permeability, which can effectively block the penetration of blood, bacteria, and even virus. It has been widely used in European and American medical institutions since 2003.

In a word, a surgical gown is an essential protective tool for doctors in clinical practice. It should be kept neat and clean during wearing and using.

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