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How to wear isolation gowns correctly?

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Isolation gowns are protective equipment used for medical staff to avoid contamination by blood, body fluids and other infectious substances during contact, or to protect patients from infection. Since the isolation gown plays such an important role, let us introduce in detail how to wear the isolation gown correctly?

Here is the content list:

  • Preparation before wearing isolation gown

  • The way to wear isolation gowns

  • The way to take off the isolation gown

Preparation before wearing isolation gown

First, users should wash their hands, wear masks and hats, remove hand accessories such as watches, bracelets, etc., and roll their sleeves over their elbows (in winter, they need to roll over the middle of the forearm). Next, prepare everything needed for the operation. Pay attention to wearing isolation gowns in a relatively spacious environment, and take the gowns by hand, so that the clean side faces you. Last but not least, check the isolation gown for damage, moisture, and the appropriate model before wearing it.

The way to wear isolation gowns

So how should the isolation gown be worn correctly? To get the isolation gown, the first thing to do is to fold the two ends of the collar outwards, fold it toward the center of the collar, insert the right hand into the fold of the collar, and hold the collar outside to align, exposing the sleeves. Then, put your left hand into your sleeve, and pull up the collar with your right hand to expose your left hand. Similar to the above steps, change your left hand to the collar, put your right hand into your sleeve, raise your hand to shake the sleeve, and be careful not to let the isolation gown touch your face. Finally, hold the collar with both hands and tie the neckline back from the center of the collar along the edge. Pay attention to the sleeves not to touch the face, collar, work cap, and finally tie the cuffs of the two sleeves.

The way to take off the isolation gown

First, unbutton the two cuffs and shoulder buttons, put part of the sleeves under the work clothes at the elbows to expose both hands, and then wash and disinfect the forearms, wrists, palms, backs of hands, nails, and finger joints in order. Second, loosen the slip knot on the waistband; gradually pull the back body forward about 5 cm from the waistband of the seam on one side of the isolation gown, pinch the outer edge of the isolation gown; use the same method to pinch the other side edge, pay attention Do not touch the inner surface of the isolation gown with your hands. Third, align the edges of the isolation gown with both hands on the back, fold it to one side, then hold the fold with one hand, and pull the waistband to the back and exchange left and right with the other hand, then pull back the front to tie the slip knot, and then hang the isolation gown on the hook .

It is the isolation gown that plays a very important role in the medical industry, so the choice of isolation gown is very important. Rhycom is a medical supplies manufacturing company specializing in the production of isolation gowns, with a professional technical team and quality control management team. The isolation gown produced by Rhycom provides comfort and flexibility while being sturdy, which can effectively prevent the spread of pathogens and facilitate the operation of the user.

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